LND Systems want an excellent and experienced career recruiting all the time of year.
Division Specialization
Web Front Home Shopping System Development / Consulting
jsp, javascript(sencha, jquery, AngularJS, bootstrap)
JAVA SCM, EAI Development / Technical Support
Java, EJB, C++, RDBMS
Recruitment Process
Recruitment Process
Human Resource Policy
LND Systems operate such individuals can reach their full competence through centered working personnel, a fair evaluation system, annual salary system and CEO interviews.
Company Aim
LND Systems is oriented to Profession / Collaboration / Communication / Obligation
Classification Benefit
Support System Providing Birthday Cake
Supporting Children Tuition Fees
Incentives Incentives accordance with Company Performance Profit
Paid Vacation Annual Leave (Compensation payments upon unused)
Family Events Vacations and Expenditure for congratulations and condolences
Physical Health Comprehensive Medical Examination Support (Basic Examination on Health Insurance Corporation and Additional Tests)
Self-Development Job Education support
Book Purchase support
Certification Support
Others Provide Overtime work meals
Support Overtime work Transportation fees
Documents to be Submitted
Resume(with Photo)
Self-Introduction (Career Experience for the Experts)
Regular College graduates who speaks an English.
For men, either Served Military Duty or Exempted.
Ongoing Recruitment available all the time of year.
How to Apply
Write Resume, Cover Letter and send us an E-Mail.
E-Mail Address: /
(Other documents will be submitted later upon final confirmation)
Contact Number : +82-70-7732-5250