• 2020
    Joins 2020 Service Level Agreement with GS RetailMar.
    Launches Gong Young Shopping's Credit Cards Promotion 'Pay All at Once'Aug.
  • 2019
    Oct.Becomes GS Home Shopping's Strategic IT Partner (2019 MRO Partnership)
    Dec.Improves Gong Young Shopping's ARS and Online System
  • 2018
    Launches Gong Young Shopping's Online Guest Payment SystemMar.
    Launches K Shopping's new IT Infrastructure 'Next Generation'Aug.
  • 2017
    Mar.Launches Gong Young Shopping's Advanced Product API
    Apr.Launches Gong Young Shopping's Promotional Credit Card Processing Service
    JuneLaunches Wellfaremall's new Login System for Companies in Partnership
    Aug.Improves Gong Young Shopping's Sales System
  • 2016
    Joins 2016 Service Level Agreement with GS RetailMay
    Provides MRO solution for Gong Young Shopping's Information SystemSep.
  • 2015
    JuneLaunches Sky T Shopping's SCM of KT Hitel
    JulyLaunches Home Shopping System and SCM for Gong Young Shopping
    Sep.Provides MRO solution for Gong Young Shopping's Home Shopping System
  • 2014
    Built Global(Beijing) Shopping System in ChinaFeb.
    Built GS Home shopping System in Abroad,July

    Megumi Mall(Beijing) in China

    Built Shop Channel(Bangkok) Home ShoppingAug.

    System /SCM System / Operation(1year) in Thailand

  • 2013
    Dec.System development progress in China
  • 2012
    Built Dalian Lotte (Dalian) Shopping System in ChinaOct.
  • 2011
    Oct.Built Shanxi Good (Shijiazhuang) Shopping System in China
  • 2010
    Built Anhui Families (Hefei) Shopping System in ChinaAug.
    Built Guangxi Music (Nanning) Shopping System in ChinaOct.
  • 2009
    Feb.Built Jiangsu Enjoy Good (Nanjing) Shopping System

    in China

  • 2008
    Built Internet Shopping System on Foodmart in ChinaJuly
    Built Guizhou Home (Beijing) Shopping System in ChinaAug.
    Built Hubei Home (Wuhan) Shopping System in ChinaOct.
  • 2007
    Mar.Consortium with Acunetix Inc.
    JuneSupplied Shop21-Chinese Version System to GTS Shopping

    in China

    JulySupplied Shop21-Chinese Version System to HSL Shopping

    in China

    Sep.Contracted with DAPA for Web Vulnerability Analysis

    Service in Korea

    Sep.Supplied DAPA Network Switching Equipment in Korea
    Nov.Supplied T-commerce Shopping System to I-Digital

    Home Shopping in Korea

    Dec.Built web Firewall on Biotechnology Institute in Korea
  • 2006
    Improved CJ O Home ShoppingFeb.

    Sales System Process Project in Korea

    Company renamed to LND Systems Inc.May
    Launched Web application firewall WebCON in KoreaDec.
  • 2005
    Mar.Built GS Home Shopping(GS e-Store) in Korea
    JuneConsortium with Ardence Inc.
    Sep.Re-built of GS Home Shopping on security methodology

    in Korea

  • 2004
    Supplied 55 Small Home Shopping Business AgenciesJan.

    in Korea

    Built Dongfang CJ Home Shopping (Shanghai)Apr.

    Web Page in China

    Innovation Awarded by SME (Small and MediumAug.

    Business Administration) in Korea

  • 2001
    MayRegistered as R&D Center in Korea

    (Korea Industrial Technology Association)

    JulySoftware Registration of SHOP21 CHINA and 6

    others Solutions

    Aug.Supplied Dongsam Home Shopping(Taipei)

    System(SHOP21) in Taiwan

    Sep.SBC Ventures Certification Awarded in Korea
    Oct.Supplied SCM System for NS Home Shopping in Korea
    Dec.Supplied NS Home Shopping Sales System(Shop 21)

    for 40 Small Business Agencies in Korea

  • 2000
    Supplied P&Q Home Shopping SystemApr.
    Supplied CMO Home Shopping SystemApr.
    Supplied C&Tel Home Shopping System(Shop 21)Sep.

    for 15 Small Business Agencies in Korea

    Business Patnership with Hanjin Logistics in KoreaSep.
    OPEN Proxy Services Call Center for Home ShoppingSep.
    Built SCM for LG Home ShoppingSep.
    Registered in SAP Korea as a PartnerSep.
  • 1999
    JulyFounded Company Configuration Members
    Oct.L&D Systems Inc. Established
    Nov.Participation in Telemarketing Fair ‘99

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