What does Solution Company do?
Solution is a hardware or software to handle the issues appropriately for your needs by using a specific type of computer software packages and applications that can reduce costs, enhance productivity and improve the company's office environments. In addition, the user is manually enable the desired action and distinguished without experiencing the difficulties such as hardware, software, services, applications, file formats, companies, brand names and operating systems. Solution Company is a place where such Solutions to be built according to user needs.
What kind of Solution Programs are built in LND Systems?

LND Systems Company is consists of leading home shopping business technicians who built the home shopping system in Korea for the first time when it introduced to the country and not only domestics, but also have experienced in building systems of leading foreign countries’ home shopping companies that, already have a reputation internationally. In addition, we have competitive advantage in areas such as online shopping mall, WMS (logistics system), CRM by having great store of knowledge and experience in previous online retail.

Developing Specific Shopping Solutions of LND Systems are as follows,
ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning)-(Home Shopping ERP),
CRM(Customer Relationship Management),
SCM(Supply Chain Management),
ITSM(Information Technology Service Management),
KMS(Knowledge Management System).

Is there a way to replace business and IT applications? And consolidate a way to standardize their business processes and solutions?
Since IPTV has supplied, and the internet and mobile have been habituated daily use life. The world has been turn tough where business can’t pursue anymore. However, our LND Systems is not a company where follow the world system, but has ability of know-how to lead and change the world. We have introduced our upgraded Solutions to our customers not only to domestic, but also to foreign countries, and their response are very good.
What kind of built-in shopping solution that supports best practice competencies to meet our company’s satisfaction needs?
The key know-how in home shopping business is to shorten the completion time of an order. We provide, Telemarketer agent to complete an order consulting with your customers by most concise and concentration by using our solution. This is our best reputation by our customers. Another competitive sector is logistics. There are many tens of thousands Stock-out cases of to handle shipped quantities in the day, and many companies are complaining of delays due to system overload. However, our customers who use our solutions have dramatically reduced the shipment time and finish the job in just a few minutes without any system overload.
Are there any way to support entire company or entire supply chain of business cooperation throughout the supply chain?
Business cooperation with customers are as important as what is happening at the other side of the world in today as a real-time viewing by Internet or mobile business environment. Our SCM solutions provides suppliers and sellers not need to use their phone or fax separately. This will change work environment more pleasant and effective. And Our Customers response are very good.
Has LND Systems adapting PLM applications with all same standard, architecture, data model? (What are they?)
We have a formal, standard framework developed by our own technology that, all the system developments are being applied to the same standards. It means, a small number of key personnel can be driving force to build a system not only domestic but also international home shopping companies.
Are there any tools providing for the needs of home shopping solutions to set up and expand data model, user interface, competence and workflow, etc.?
There is no perfect solution to meet all business. The best solution is to meet customer’s maximize needs. Our long experience accumulated functions of shopping solution can minimize the cost of customers’ customization buildings to serve you.
How will you extend the architecture to meet the changing needs of business?
Future customers will bring a new era that cannot be experienced in the current business environment. LND Systems is ready to adopt new changes of business environment to meet new customers’ needs and to lead existing customers. And even when the customer's requirements are satisfied, LND Systems will constantly adopt new technologies and equipment to upgrade solutions.